“All chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused
from a lack of oxygen at the cell level.”

Professor AC Guyton, MD, Textbook of Medical Physiology*

* World’s most widely used medical textbook of any kind
* World’s best-selling physiology book

Many people assume that physical health definition should relate to physical fitness, size of muscles, or endurance. But what is the point of having huge muscles or stamina if this person can die due to cancer or diabetes in some days or weeks? Since poor health and chronic health problems are possible only in people with low body oxygenation, it is clear that physical health definition should include body oxygenation as a key or the main factor.

The suggested physical health definition is based on a simple DIY body oxygen test that guarantee absence or quick disappearance of symptoms of chronic diseases and all abnormalities that indicate poor physical health such as tumors, too much fat (or obesity), inflamed tissues in the GI tract or other parts of the body, and so forth.

Physical health definition

According to experience of about 180 Soviet and Russian medical doctors who tested more than 200,000 patients in the USSR (in the past) and in Russia (these days), about 60 seconds or more for the body oxygen Brain oxygen levels for normal breathing and hyperventilationtest means excellent physical health with no chronic health problems and histologically normal tissues. If someone has tumors, inflamed tissues, and many other abnormalities, they quickly disappear (i.e., within 2-3 weeks at most).

Ordinary modern people have about 20-25 seconds of oxygen, while in people with chronic diseases, it is less than 20 seconds. Obviously, it is clear then why physical health is so rare these days. Moreover, people believe that when we breathe more air, we get more oxygen in body cells. But medical science and thousands of medical studies claim that overbreathing reduces brain and body oxygenation. This test can be frustrating for many people, but if you want to measure body and brain oxygenation, the link is provided below in physical health resources provided on pages of NormalBreathing.com.

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