physical health coach Dr. Artour Rakhimov* High school Honor student (Grade “A” for all exams)
* Moscow State University Honor student (Grade “A” for all exams)
* Moscow State University PhD (Math/Physics), accepted in Canada and the UK
* Winner of numerous regional competitions in math, chess and sport orienteering (during teenage and University years)
* Good classical piano-player: Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Beethoven, Strauss (up to present times)
* Joined Quakers  (Religious Society of Friends) in 2001
* Former captain of the ski-O varsity team and member of the cross-country skiing varsity team of the Moscow University, best student teams in the USSR
* Former individual coach of world-elite athletes from Soviet (Russian) and Finnish national teams who took gold and silver medals during World Championships
* Total distance covered during physical exercise (running, cross country skiing, and swimming): over 100,000 km or over 2.5 loops around the Earth
* Author of the sport publication which won Russian National 1998 Contest of Scientific and Methodological Sport Papers
* Author of the most comprehensive book in English (“Normal breathing: the key to vital health”) about the Buteyko breathing method
* Author of the largest world’s website devoted to breathing retraining (
* Buteyko breathing teacher (since 2002 up to now) and trainer
* Oxygen Remedy teacher and trainer
* Author and inventor of the Amazing DIY breathing device
* Health writer and health educator

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