physical health organsPhysical health includes, among other things, a normal state of the tissues and organs of the human body. That means no inflammation, no tumors (benign or malignant), no deposits of cholesterol in blood vessels, and so forth. Such physical health was common some 80-100 years ago. Modern surgeons can testify that bodies of current-day people virtually never have those nice organs and tissues that we can see in anatomical textbooks. Bodies of contemporary people are full of inflamed tissues (just inflammation of stomach or light chronic gastritis is present in over 60% of people), tumors (malignant and benign), lymphomas (deposits of fat), granulomas, deformities of bones (e.g., due to arthritis), cholesterol deposits in blood vessels, and many other abnormalities indicating poor physical health.

Having physical health also means having freedom from chronic diseases, like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and many others. What is the common feature of chronic conditions? Hundreds of medical studies testify that chronic diseases exist only in conditions of cell hypoxia.

Top Professor from University of Mississippi about physical health

Consider this quote by the head of the University of Mississippi Department of Physiology and Biophysics. He was also a top student at Harvard University.

“All chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused
from a lack of oxygen at the cell level.”

Professor AC Guyton, MD, Textbook of Medical Physiology*

* World’s most widely used medical textbook of any kind
* World’s best-selling physiology book

Criteria of physical health

Sometimes, medical authorities claim that physical exercise is the crucial or important part of physical health. However, there are millions of people who spend hours on physical exercise every day, and they still do not have good physical health.

It is naive to expect that one’s body and various organs and systems can function normally with low or reduced oxygen levels in one’s cells and organs. Physical health, therefore, starts with normal or high levels of oxygen in body cells. How can we influence oxygen delivery to body cells? Most modern people, in order to improve their physical health, are obsessed with foods, diets and supplements, instead of thinking about getting more oxygen in their cells naturally using correct breathing 24/7.

Physical health requirements, according to the clinical experience of about 500 Soviet and Russian medical doctors, are met when a person has sufficient body oxygen levels. Some of these doctors even defined the exact value for a simple DIY body oxygen test that guarantee normal physical health. These Russian MDs also defined the exact respiratory parameters and effects of mouth breathing, chest breathing and overbreathing (breathing too much air or breathing too fast) on body oxygenation. Numerous Western studies confirmed that ordinary modern people have reduced brain and oxygen levels.

Therefore, in order to change our physical health, we can change our breathing by making it slower or faster, larger or smaller. While all these manipulations can lead to some temporary improvements in body oxygenation, the key purpose is to have those automatic breathing patterns that provide the cells with an excellent transport day and night or 24/7. Then we can expect good physical health.

Why modern people have poor physical health?

Excellent physical health is very rare these days. Why is it so? Over 90% of modern-day people experience various breathing problems. These problems are chest breathing, mouth breathing, and chronic hyperventilation or breathing more than the medical norm. See this YouTube video for medical evidence related to this fact.

All these abnormalities reduce oxygen levels in body cells and promote chronic health problems. For the exact criteria of physical health, visit physical health definition web page.

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